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Daejin S&T information (대진에스앤티 정보) 

• Company Name : DAEJIN S&T Co.,Ltd.
• CEO : Du-Gi. Sung (
• Main Business : Manufacturer of Synthetic leather
• Main Products 
   : Synthetic Leather, Eco-friendly PU Suede,
   : Vintage Canvas,
   : Roller Blind Fabric

               (messi park (assistant manager)/overseas sales team)

•Tel: +82-55-343-1192
•Fax: +82-55-343-9367


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[Company address]
Company 1:
80 Gomori, Jinrye-myeon, Gimhae, Korea  [View Location]
김해시 진례면 고모리 80 [지도보기]
Company 2:
Bonglim-ri 335, Saenglim-myeon, Gimhae, Korea [View Location]
김해시 생림면 봉림리 335 [지도보기]
#SyntheticFabric #Synthetic Leather #vintage canvas #eco suede #eco-friendly #synthetic #micro vintage suede
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