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Amazing power of non-woven fabric, Eco Bounce

The amazing power of non-woven fabric

Eco Bounce

The amazing power of non-woven fabric means restoring force.

Only Daejin S&T's eco-bounce non-woven fabric has the ability to restore its original state even if it is folded at will.

Eco-bounce fabric is a fabric that can be used as a supplementary material for reinforcement interlining, bag interlining, hat brim interlining, and shoe interlining.

It is a very effective fabric for shaping products with excellent restoring force and elasticity.

Origin: South Korea Material: 100% recycled polyester (non-woven fabric made from recycled waste plastic bottles) Thickness, usable width : 0.4mm~1.2mm(+-0.1mm), 58" Sales unit: 1m * Due to the large size of the fabric, the edges may be slightly folded. Fold marks can be easily removed by ironing with a household iron on low heat.

Eco-bounce is also made of recyclable polyester, and made with eco-friendly water-based impregnation processing.

The currently produced Eco Bounce colors are black and beige.

Compared to existing reinforcing felt paper and mesh, it boasts superior resilience and elasticity, and as mentioned before, when used as a core for a product, it preserves the shape of the product.

In particular, eco-bounce fabric is currently being applied and adopted to K2, The North Face, Eider, and NEPA.

In addition, it is used by many domestic bag brands.

The image below is a small pouch made with Eco Bounce.

It retains its angular shape.

This sample is an example of applying eco-bounce to vintage canvas fabric, vintage micro suede, and bag interlining.

Eco-bounce fabric boasts a variety of uses.

It will be possible to make it into a toy shape as shown below so that children will not get hurt even if they touch it, or it is possible to make a bag that can contain a tumbler.

In particular, the bag that holds the tumbler is convenient to use because it is restored by putting it in the bag casually and unfolding it again when holding the tumbler.

This is my experience. When I put the tumbler pouch made with Eco Bounce into the loose eco bag, the eco bag was no longer loose.

I think the value of eco-bounce fabric can vary depending on which designer chooses it.

Think of it from an expert point of view.

It is likely to be completed with a wider range of products.

In particular, we believe that the thinnest eco-bounce fabric produced is highly likely to be applied to sophisticated and luxurious bags.

In addition, even though the Eco-bounce fabric is thin, it has excellent restoring force, so it can be used as a product for consumers who do not like heavy bags.

One last thing I want to emphasize.

Eco-bounce fabric is a “sustainable eco-friendly fabric” that Daejin S&T is focusing on.

In other words, it is a very desirable fabric in terms of ESG.

You can inquire at the following site. Don't hesitate and find out what kind of fabric it is.

In addition, we produce various products. You can check Daejin S&T's products on the following site.

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