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Daejin S&T's New Fabric "HANJI"

Daejin S&T produces new fabrics.

We call the name of the newly produced fabric "HANJI"

Originally, Hanji (traditional Korean paper) has a long history as you know well.

By the way, with the development of paper, the current use of traditional Korean paper is limited to oriental calligraphy, art and crafts.

"HANJI" is Daejin S&T's new fabric that combines traditional Korean paper with vintage canvas and various suede fabrics.

In fact, some SMEs in South Korea have been producing fabrics using traditional Korean paper before several years. But, it was very limited in its use due to quality problems by technical limitations of the fabric grafted with traditional Korean paper.

Daejin S&T's New product : HANJI

However, the possibilities of using "HANJI" made by Daejin S&T are very diverse.

"HANJI" can be used for shoes, bags, and various accessories.

The reason is that the traditional Korean paper is grafted onto the vintage canvas and various suede fabrics, which are eco-friendly fabrics produced by Daejin S&T.

In particular, "HANJI" is also an eco-friendly fabric because it is produced through an eco-friendly production process in combination with an eco-friendly fabric such as vintage canvas or suede made by Daejin S&T.

If a bag or shoe made of "HANJI" is released in the future, I think it will become a more Korean product.

"HANJI" is the fabric created with Daejin S&T's new patented technology.

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