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Eco Bounce, Non-woven fabric

Non-woven fabrics are applied in a wide variety of products.

It is used in various industries such as masks, bags, paper, and soundproofing. It is true that interest in non-woven fabrics has increased recently due to the rapid increase in the use of masks due to COVID-19.

Unlike general non-woven fabrics, Daejin S&T's Eco Bounce non-woven fabrics are very differentiated.

Eco Bounce is an innovative fabric that is fundamentally different from general non-woven fabrics as it has strong restoring force and excellent elasticity. In particular, it is also a sustainable eco-friendly fabric because it is made from 100% recycled polyester fabric.

Moreover, Daejin S&T has recently received RCS certification, increasing the reliability of its products.

Strong Restoring Force & Excellent Elasticity

The strength of Eco Bounce fabric lies in the functionality of the fabric as well as the fact that it is a sustainable and eco-friendly fabric mentioned above.

First of all, it has excellent resilience, and second, it has strong elasticity. ​

In the image below, I made a bag, folded it, and unfolded it.

You can see that it will be restored immediately.

The following picture is the Eco Bounce non-woven fabric applied to the eco bag.

Originally, the eco bag could not stand on its own, but when using the Eco Bounce non-woven fabric, you can see that the bag stands naturally.

Characteristics of Eco Bounce Non-woven Fabric

  • 100% recycled polyester (sustainable eco-friendly fabric)

  • strong resilience

  • excellent resilience

Eco-bounce non-woven fabric application range

  • Shoe enhancer

  • Bag reinforcement, interlining

  • Clothing interlining

  • Non-woven bag

  • Various buffering agents

  • Application of interior products

  • Applied to fashion accessories, etc.

For more details and related videos, please check the site below.

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