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Optical Patterns Film as dynamic surface

It is an "optical pattern film" developed by Daejin S&T.

It can be grafted onto a variety of fabrics and can be produced in a variety of ways according to the needs of consumers.

This product was introduced at 2022PAFA in Bexco, Busan.

I visited Daejin S&T and found out about the film in more detail.

The first thing you will see is the fabric with an optical pattern film containing the famous Mercedes Benz emblem.

I was honestly amazed the first time when I saw it.

These days, various brands are collaborating a lot.

I thought that this kind of fabric would be really useful if applied for collaboration.

What you are seeing now is an optical pattern film applied to a suede fabric.

Before listening to the explanation, I thought it was a sample used by Benz.

The following fabrics show fabric with and without an emblem.

Both are fabrics with optical pattern film applied.

Even if only the optical film is applied without a special emblem, it is stronger, stronger and more luminous than the existing fabric.

As you can see, Mercedes-Benz can make shiny fabrics with the Mercedes-Benz emblem if they wish.

If you want a variety of wavy shapes, it can be produced in natural wavy shapes like the image below.

The possibilities of optically patterned film fabrics encountered in the field seemed very high.

If a famous brand wants to make their own products with vegan fabrics, especially if they want to produce shiny products, I thought that the products made by Daejin S&T would be very suitable.

The optical pattern film is customized, that is, it can be produced in various ways according to the customer's request.

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