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Sustainable Fabrics well suited for Fashion products

A variety of fabrics are used in fashion products.

Fabric is used in a variety of products used in our daily lives, such as bags, shoes, clothing, and outdoor wear.

I think designers will be more interested in the use of fabric.

And considering the trends of the times, fabrics also need to contain value. If possible, I think it would be good to use sustainable or eco-friendly fabrics.

Daejin S&T Corporation produces sustainable fabrics, fabrics made with eco-friendly methods, and thus fabrics with social value. We can introduce the following three fabrics as the most representative fabrics.

Vintage Canvas, Vintage Micro Suede, and JUNOPI.

The fabric produced by Daejin S&T Corporation is made with pure domestic technology.

In addition, we are producing safer fabrics through a patented eco-friendly water-based impregnation method, and are also making efforts to reduce air and water pollution.

Above all, these are fabrics created with technology that is NOT easy to find even in Korea.

In the case of Vintage Canvas fabric, the vintage effect of scratches and creases was produced in a different way than before. Paraffin or certain oils are generally often used to create a vintage effect. However, Daejin S&T company implemented it using the water-based impregnation method mentioned above. Above all, it has excellent water repellency, and the world's safest processing method was used to increase water repellency. C0 water repellent treatment is the key.

Vintage Micro Suede fabric has the same characteristics as real leather and is extremely durable.

In particular, it offers a vintage style with a two-tone effect. Also, as a perfect vegan leather, the fabric has a very high meaning.

And then, Vintage Micro Suede aims for ethical consumption.

The last JUNOPI fabric is a vegan fabric made by combining real Korean traditional paper with various fabrics produced by Daejin S&T Corporation. It is highly durable.

In particular, as the actual Hanji pattern is visible, it can be seen as a fabric with a very Korean feel. We call it 'K fabric'.

Vintage Canvasfabric + JUNOPI fabric = Pouch

JUNOPI fabric = Galaxy Tab pouch

JUNOPI fabric + Vintage Michael Suede fabric = Briefcase

Vintage Canvas fabric + Vintage Michael Suede fabric = Pouch

Vintage Canvas fabric + JUNOPI fabric = Hanji Canvas Apron

Vintage Canvas fabric + JUNOPI fabric = Golf ball pouch

Vintage Canvas fabric + Vintage Michael Suede fabric + Microfiber vegan leather = Small bag

Detailed informations can be found on Naver Blog.

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3. About JUNOPI

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