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Sustainable living with sustainable fabrics

Now is the time to add value to your product.

A sustainable future is a common goal to properly protect the world we live in,

Sustainable development is an important value in everything from the environment to politics and life.

Everything you eat, wear, sleep, enjoy,

In all of this, sustainable development is no longer an idle ideal, it's real.

Daejin S&T, located in Gimhae-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, pursues sustainability in the field of textile and fashion. Daejin S&T produces a variety of fabrics from 100% recycled polyester.

  • Vintage canvas fabric

  • Vintage micro suede fabric

  • Microfiber Vegan Leather Fabric

  • Solido suede fabric

  • Air skin fabric

  • Quattro Suede Connect Fabric

  • Eco Bounce Non-woven Fabric

  • JUNOPI fabric

  • Eco Suede etc.

Fabrics produced by Daejin S&T are mainly applied to fashion products such as shoes, bags, and gloves.

It is also a fabric that is applied to the things people use the most while living in society.

In other words, as it is applied to the most used objects in life, it is close to the living environment, and people use it a lot, that is, it is dominant in the environment as well.

If sustainability is applied to various fashion products used in daily life, it means that the world can come closer to sustainable development.

Sustainable living with sustainable fabrics

It is the most realistic pursuit that can contain the value of sustainable development.

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