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Vintage canvas contains everything

Vintage canvas contains everything

Eco-friendly, fluorine-free, non-toxic, vegan fashion, vintage style Daejin S&T's vintage canvas fabric contains everything.

Using 100% recycled polyester as rPET is generally recognized as eco-friendly or sustainable. However, Daejin S&T produces Vintage canvas with using rPET and eco-friendly method in the processing. ​And Daejin S&T applies a very eco-friendly method. So Vintage canvas fabric is safe for people and protects nature.

​First of all, Daejin S&T makes Vintage canvas fabric from rPET (100% recycled polyester), which is recognized internationally as a sustainable fabric.

And as a processing method applied to make the canvas fabric that has the high water repellency function, the fabric is processed with C0 water repellent (non-fluorine-based) treatment instead of fluorine-based treatment method like the existing C8. and C6. In particular, C0 water repellent treatment has a great advantage of being fluorine-free and non-toxic.

Lastly, as the name of VINTAGE CANVAS, it has a very good vintage effect. Vintage effects such as scratches, wrinkles are represented very naturally. To achieve these effects, generally paraffin or oil is used, but Daejin S&T's vintage canvas uses raw material that is not harmful to the environment and humans, and uses a water-based method to express the vintage effects very well.

Moreover, the vintage effect is very suitable for the recent vintage style, and it is one of the

vegan fashions. Vintage canvas fabric is eco-friendly from materials to processing and is the product for people

and the environment. So it can be said that it is a canvas fabric very suitable for the eco-friendly and sustainable trend around the world, such as saving resources and protecting the environment including to the Human.

Vintage canvas It is a canvas fabric

for a new generation.

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