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With Daejin S&T, Make a greater synergy effect of textile and fashion products

With Daejin S&T, Make a greater synergy effect of textile and fashion products

Until now, I have been promoting Daejin S&T's sustainable eco-friendly fabrics and functional fabrics.

By the way, while introducing the products of Daejin S&T, the excellence of the fabric itself is good, but we confirmed the new value through collaboration with other products.

In fact, vintage canvas fabric and vintage micro suede fabric, which are sustainable and eco-friendly fabrics produced by Daejin S&T, are applied to famous shoes and bags.

In particular, eco-bounce non-woven fabric has recently been applied to well-known famous shoes, resulting in wrinkle-free shoes.

Footwear sample with eco-bounce non-woven fabric applied

In case of embedding the restoring force of Eco Bounce into shoes

The characteristics of Eco Bounce fabric are very strong in restoring power and excellent in elasticity.

When applied to shoes with these characteristics, make sure to keep the shape as it is without wrinkles, as shown in the video above.

You can see the difference through the photos below.

The shoes are not a specific brand product but are made as samples by Daejin S&T.

You can see the left shoe in a pressed state. On the other hand, the right side retains its shape.

​When Eco Bounce non-woven fabric is applied to a bag

If you use Eco Bounce non-woven fabric when making a bag, you can properly utilize the functional aspect.

If you make a normal eco bag, the bag cannot stand alone.

The bag can stand properly. And not only upright but also angular, so you can make your bag more luxurious.

When applied to different fabrics

If you make a bag by combining vintage canvas fabric and vintage micro suede fabric, you can make a bag with a more diverse feel.

Vintage canvas, a general canvas fabric, is very suitable for vintage style because it embodies natural wrinkles and scratches. And the vintage micro suede fabric feels like real leather, providing more luxury.

​You can create a somewhat unique bag by reflecting the feel of leather and canvas.

Usually, when I make a bag, I make a bag with one fabric. Of course, some handles and parts use other fabrics.

In addition, Daejin S&T produces fabrics with various functions.

For example, in skin-like and leather-like fabrics,

There are a wide variety of materials, such as fabrics that conduct electricity and fabrics for gloves that can easily wipe away sweat.

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