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2023 Preview in Seoul, opened Daejin S&T website for Textile Exhibition

2023 Preview in Seoul, opened Daejin S&T website for Textile Exhibition

Daejin S&T will participate in the 2023 Preview in Seoul, Textile Trade Fair, so Daejin S&T has opened an online site that displays the main products produced.

Vintage Canvas, Vintage Micro Suede, Super Grip, Eco Bounce, JUNOPI

If you click a fabric of interest on the site, you can check the details of the fabric. 2023coex | DAEJIN S&T2023 PREVIEW IN SEOUL 2023. 8. 23(wed) ~ 8. 25(Fri) / Coex A & B1 & E Hall

The fabrics presented on the online site can be seen as the main products of Daejin S&T. In addition, vintage canvas, vintage micro suede, super grip, eco-bounce, and JUNOPI fabrics are all classified as sustainable fabrics and are eco-friendly by using a patented water-based impregnation method. A brief introduction to the characteristics of each fabric is as follows. 빈티지캔버스 VINTAGE CANVAS Provides a vintage style with natural creases and scratches. Excellent durability Sustainable fabric made from rPET It is resistant to heat, and when heated, it is restored like new fabric.

빈티지마이크로스웨이드 Vintage Micro Suede The two-tone color makes it possible to create a vintage style. Excellent durability Sustainable fabric made from rPET Provides a genuine leather-like feel

슈퍼그립 Super Grip Perfect grip Good grip to hold objects even in rainy condition Use as a glove for exercise

에코바운스 Eco Bounce Non-woven fabric with excellent resilience and elasticity Sustainable fabric made from rPET

저노피 JUNOPI A new concept of Korean vegan leather in collaboration with traditional Korean paper Hanji patterned fabric Representative of Korean-style sustainable eco-friendly fabrics

In addition to this, we will introduce various fabrics, which can be checked at the textile trade fair. Daejin S&T, located in Gimhae, does not have many exhibits like the BEXCO exhibition, but shares the exhibits online. In addition to the five fabrics introduced, there are other notable fabrics. Luxurious microfiber vegan leather Electrifying Quattro Suede Connect Airskin with excellent grip Optical pattern film, etc. Fabrics with high functionality are also displayed.

For those fabrics, you can check them on the following site.

Fabric | Sustainable eco-friendly fabricsWebsite to introduce the products of Daejin S&T Co., Ltd. Sustainable and Eco-friendly fabrics.

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