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5 sustainable fabrics every designer should know.

최종 수정일: 2022년 7월 18일

5 sustainable fabrics every designer should know.

It is a sustainable eco-friendly product that can be applied to a variety of bags, shoes, fashion accessories, outdoor products, and golf products.

Canvas Fabric, Vintage Canvas

It is made of rPET and boasts excellent water repellency with C0 water repellent treatment. In addition, C0 water repellent treatment guarantees safety for users as a non-toxic processing method.

The thickness of the fabric and the vintage effect are also widely demanded in the fashion field.

Vintage Micro Suede

It is a vegan leather that expresses the feeling of vintage with a two-tone color effect.

This fabric also has the advantage it can add great value to product development because of being developed as a sustainable material.

In particular, if you want a vintage leather feel, Vintage micro suede is the most appropriate.

Eco Suede

Although there is no vintage effect of vintage micro suede described above, its value as a vegan leather is clear.

It is also classified as a sustainable fabric, and Eco Suede is a product with high potential to be applied to many products in a variety of colors.

JUNOPI (Hanji Canvas Fabric)

It is vegan leather made by combining traditional Korean paper with vintage canvas fabric, which is a sustainable eco-friendly fabric.

You can see the Korean beauty as it contains the patterns of Korean paper.

Moreover, compared to similar products of other companies, the durability of JUNOPI fabric is excellent, which guarantees the superiority of the quality of various products.

Air Skin

Air Skin is also a vegan leather developed with sustainable materials.

And it provides a leather-like feel. The most distinctive feature is that it has excellent adhesion(grip feeling).

If it is used for products that require adhesion, It will be a very good product.

In the field of fashion, there is not only clothing like clothes.

For example, smartphone cases, Galaxy tab pouches, cosmetic pouches, various bags, shoes, sports products, and outdoor products. It is diverse.

5 fabrics are developed with pure domestic technology.

These are the fabrics that are closest to the world's pursuit of sustainability and eco-friendliness.

Considering the unstable international situation, it can be seen that the importance of domestic products is growing day by day.

As such, Daejin S&T's major products are waiting to be born as products of greater value through the hands of excellent domestic designers.

Daejin S&T Co., Ltd. has been recently processed and produced with natural plant-based wax. And also different fabrics such as microfiber vegan leather are produced.

In addition, Daejin S&T Co., Ltd. is also producing conductive fabrics. From a futuristic point of view, it can be linked to products that require conductivity in clothing and fashion accessories.

Pure domestic,

Sustainable fabrics pursued by the world,

Eco-friendly fabric,

And non-toxic fabric.

Please check out all these values with Daejin SNT's products.

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