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A New Breeze in Leather, Microfiber Vegan Leather

A New Breeze in Leather, Microfiber Vegan Leather

​Microfiber vegan leather made from recycled polyester is as durable as real leather. In addition, when making high-end bags, it is vegan leather that is not inferior in terms of aesthetics.

In fact, if you are not an expert, it is a quality that you can just believe that it is leather. ​​It has the feeling of leather, the thickness of leather, and the safety of not having toxicity.

This is a sample I personally made while thinking about what to make with microfiber vegan leather. I made several things. Made for tool bag, this large bag with a nearly square bottom can hold a lot of stuff.

It is a bag and pouch that can hold documents. The fabric with the pattern on the bag is JUNOPI fabric made of Korean paper produced by Daejin S&T. I put it in to give it a special character. I would like to see what if the brand is included in this part.

It is a small pouch. The one on the left was originally made to put a golf ball in, but is now being used as a pouch for my wife's cosmetics.

On the right is a cat-shaped pencil case. Lastly, it is also suitable as a pouch to hold a cell phone and pad.

(I apologize for the poor finish because I made it personally.) The quality and characteristics of Daejin S&T's microfiber vegan leather are important, but above all, It is a great product that can be applied to real leather products. ​Using this kind of vegan leather should of course be encouraged, and I think it should be greatly supported in the dimension of protecting animals. Although famous brands still prefer to produce leather goods, I believe that the thought will gradually change. Vegan leather is a promise for the future. A person wears something and carries it with him for the rest of his life. So, what is essential is the field of textile fashion. Considering sustainable development here, vegan leather made from recycled polyester could be the answer.

[ The importance of recycled polyester ] ​​As everyone knows, recycled polyester is being introduced as a highly desirable fabric in the field of textile and fashion for sustainable development around the world. Waste plastic bottles are turned into flakes and then made into polyester fibers. ​Many companies emphasize the dangers of microplastics in recycled polyester fabrics and are offering various alternative polyester products, but in the current market, the use of waste plastic bottles cannot be ruled out, and recycling is still the best way to preserve the environment. In particular, the alternative polyester market newly created to meet the demand of billions of consumers is too small, and the reality is that it cannot properly cover the current market. However, recycled polyester is fundamentally the same as polyester, but in terms of literally recycling, it has a lot of meaning in that it reuses waste plastic bottles that are discarded first. The use of recycled polyester, which has a direct and positive impact on resources and the environment, will become a necessity rather than an option, at least while waiting for new alternative polyester products to become universally available. ​According to one study, each Korean uses 96 PET bottles of water per year. In Korea, there are 4.9 billion pieces per year, which weigh about 71,400 tons. That's a huge amount. Because of the efficient use of plastic bottles, plastic bottles will continue to be made, and moreover, waste will continue to be made. So until there is no need to produce any more, recycled polyester is in itself very important.

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