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About the reason that Daejin S&T is important

What is the reason Daejin S&T is important?

Daejin S&T produces a variety of fabrics including synthetic leather. It is products that can be applied in various ways, such as interior materials for automobiles, furniture, clothes, professional gloves, shoes and bags.

There are many companies that produce synthetic fabrics, but Daejin S&T is different from them. these different reason is that Daejin S&T produces green products(eco-friendly products).

There are three special points of Daejin S&Ts products.

  1. It does not pollute the environment through eco-friendly technology.

  2. Fabrics made with eco-friendly water treatment technology don’t have carcinogens.

  3. Daejin S&T’s eco-friendly products are 100% recycled.

(You can confirm more detailed stories in english verson or french version).

The products that the future wants are eco-friendly products.

Daejin S&T produces fabrics for the environment, for people, and for the Earth.

Be with Daejin S&T for the better world and better products.

Daejin S&T wants to advance to a better future with you.

[Daejin S&T information] •Company Name : DAEJIN S&T Co.,Ltd. •CEO : Du-Gi. Sung ( •Main Business : Manufacturer of Synthetic leather •Main Products : Synthetic Leather, Eco-friendly PU Suede, Vintage Canvas, Roller Blind Fabric •Website: •E-mail:                (messi park (assistant manager)/overseas sales team)

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