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Daejin S&T makes sustainable fabrics

Daejin S&T makes sustainable fabrics

Daejin S&T is a company located in Gimhae, Korea that produces sustainable functional fabrics.

Representative sustainable fabrics include:

  • Vintage canvas fabric

  • Vintage micro suede fabric

  • JUNOPI fabric

  • Eco Bounce Fabric

  • Solido suede fabric

  • Microfiber vegan leather fabric

  • Quattro Suede Connect Fabric

  • Air skin fabric

  • Super Grip Fabric for Gloves

  • In addition, Daejin S&T produces various fabrics such as velvet and rubber.

Commonalities and ESG

What they have in common is that they are made using recycled polyester, and an eco-friendly method is applied as a processing method to enhance functionality. The eco-friendly method mentioned here is the water-based impregnation processing method.

And some fabrics are water-repellent to increase water-repellent power, but because C0 water-repellent treatment is applied, no toxic substances are left in the fabric, so it is very safe for people.

Daejin S&T is practicing ESG management, and above all, producing products by faithfully fulfilling the sustainability required by global companies.

Characteristics of each product

  • Vintage canvas fabric: natural vintage effect / excellent water repellency / various colors of fabric

  • Vintage micro suede fabric: two-tone vintage effect / excellent water repellency

  • JUNOPI Fabric: Sustainable fabric that combines Korean traditional paper and sustainable fabric

  • Eco-bounce fabric: New concept non-woven fabric boasting excellent resilience and elasticity

  • Solido suede fabric: Sustainable soft fabric for gloves and easy to wipe off sweat / Obtained Blue Sign

  • Microfiber vegan leather Fabric: Vegan leather fabric like thick leather

  • Quattro Suede Connect Fabric: Sustainable fabric with strong conductivity

  • Airskin fabric: fabric with excellent grip

  • Fabric for Super Grip gloves: fabric with excellent grip / fabric that can grip objects well even in wet conditions

Daejin S&T's supply chain

Daejin S&T is transacting with various global companies within its supply chain.

Daejin S&T supplies fabrics to companies that make shoes and bags, such as Nike, Adidas, K2, and NEPA, and develops and provides fabrics to meet the needs of global companies.

In particular, since 2019, Daejin S&T has been developing and producing fabrics based on sustainability and eco-friendliness and has recently obtained RCS blended certification to produce fabrics suitable for sustainable development pursued by the world.

In addition, in Korea, we sell fabrics to start-ups and small businesses and are known as a very important supplier to companies that want to make sustainable products.

A company that puts its heart and soul into technology development

Maintaining the sustainability and eco-friendliness of the fabric and meeting the needs of companies, Daejin S&T is constantly developing technology. Business needs are different every time. And the reality is that we are living in an era where we cannot supply products without considering physical properties or functionality according to the demand.

Daejin S&T understands the background and requirements of the times and overcomes them with technology to actively reflect the requirements of global companies.

The various fabrics introduced above are proof of that.

Daejin S&T considers the environment

Daejin S&T always thinks about the environment.

Unlike other companies, Daejin S&T uses a water-based impregnation method to produce fabrics with various functions without using chemicals such as solvents.

In particular, in the case of water-based impregnation, air pollution is low and it is very safe for workers, and it is very meaningful in that it minimizes environmental pollution as polluted water treatment is thoroughly treated in accordance with regulations.

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