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Daejin S&T's sustainable fabrics to be exhibited at the 2023 Seoul Textile Fair (2023PIS)

Daejin S&T's sustainable fabrics to be exhibited at the 2023 Seoul Textile Fair (2023PIS)

From August 23 (Wed) to August 25 (Fri), 2023, the Textile Trade Fair will be held under the name of 2023 Preview in Seoul at COEX A&B1 & E Halls.

Daejin S&T, a company located in Gimhae City, participates in this event.

Daejin S&T Booth D18

Preview in Seoul 2023 (2023PIS)

It presents a variety of side events and attractions, such as the Trend Forum, where you can see the latest materials at a glance, 1:1 consultations with leading buyers at home and abroad, professional seminars on the latest issues, job fairs, and overseas buyer tour programs.

In this event, which consists of a total of 4 concepts, Daejin S&T companies fall under the Rising Core theme.

The Rising Core theme consists of companies that produce ethically processed leather and denim, sustainable vegan leather, recycled denim, etc.

Detailed news can be found at the following link.

In addition, this event can check the company's products in advance through the online showroom.

According to media reports, many people have already participated.

In order to check products on the site, you can register your information as a visitor and check the online exhibition hall with your name and email address.

Daejin S&T's products

Daejin S&T, which participated in this event, also showcases a variety of products.

Vintage Canvas

Vintage Micro Suede

JUNOPI(Hanji Vegan Leather)

Super Grip

Eco Bounce, etc.

All of the RCS blended-certified products are sustainable fabrics, and they are fabrics that are differentiated from other companies in that they are fabrics produced by applying a patented eco-friendly method in the processing process.

Daejin S&T company has created a separate site so that the fabric to be introduced this time can be accessed online.

You can check detailed information on major fabrics.

Fabrics to look at with interest at Coex

Daejin S&T booth at this event is D18.

The main fabrics of Daejin S&T are Eco Bounce and Super Grip fabrics.

Vintage canvas, vintage micro suede, and jeonofi fabrics are also differentiated from other companies, but the recently produced Eco Bounce and Super Grip fabrics are more differentiated.

Eco Bounce

Super Grip

About Samples

I made several samples to help understand the use of the fabrics on display. a small bag with vintage canvas fabric, low-nope fabric, and eco-bounce fabric.

​It was made by collaborating with fabrics from Daejin S&T as much as possible, and the key point is that it is a sample with eco-bounce fabric applied.

If you make a bag only with vintage canvas fabric, it will not stand right up and will flow.

However, if you apply eco-bounce fabric as an inner lining, you can make a thin but standing bag.

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