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Real Eco-friendly fabric VINTAGE CANVAS with C0 water repellent.

최종 수정일: 2021년 3월 16일

Eco-friendly fabric VINTAGE CANVAS that is more perfect with eco-friendly non-fluorine-based water repellent

Daejin S&T (CEO Seong, Doo-gi) produces eco-friendly rPET fabrics as more eco-friendly fabrics using the C0 water repellent method, an eco-friendly non-fluorine-based water repellent treatment.

VINTAGE CANVAS is a product processed with C0 water repellent without harmful fluorine, and is made with domestic (South Korea) pure technology patented in 2019,

In fact, VINTAGE CANVAS has more interest from abroad than at Korea

VINTAGE CANVAS has a 100% water repellent effect, and has a vintage effect of canvas fabric that is popular all over the world. In particular, it can be eco-friendly in the process because no pollutants are generated during processing by C0 water repellent treatment.

Seong, Doo-gi, CEO of Daejin S&T, said, “The potential of fluorine-free fabric is very high, and we expect it to be the core value of a new sales channel considering the markets in the Americas and Europe.” And also “Currently, considerable attention is being focused to the production of eco-friendly fabrics such as rPET in Korea. In order to say that it is a real eco-friendly fabric, eco technologies must be applied to the final product including an eco-friendly raw materials. Only then, I believe that eco-friendly fabric will be recognized as a real eco-friendly fabric in the future.”

The VINTAGE CANVAS fabric processed by applying the non-fluorine-based water repellent method was completely free of PFOA.

As such, Daejin S&T is producing the most eco-friendly products by applying eco-friendly methods to existing eco-friendly fabrics.

Considering the strict environmental regulations in the overseas market, it is expected that all water repellents will be replaced with eco-friendly non-fluorine-based water repellents sooner or later.

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