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Interview Video with Experts related to vintage canvas

This is the interview video with Daejin S&T's experts a few weeks ago.

Because it was recorded in Korean language, I thought that it would be difficult to deliver an interview contents to overseas buyers, so I translated it into English.

In a few days, I will make a video clip by re-recording in English version. Please refer to the related interview.

1) Vintage canvas is known as an eco-friendly fabric. Please tell me why it is called eco-friendly fabric.

There are two main reasons vintage canvas is called an eco-friendly fabric.

First of all, the raw material of vintage canvas is recycled polyester. It’s called rPET. rPET is classified as a sustainable fabric in order to protect the environment and prevent resource depletion, So rPET is very popular around the world nowaday.

Our Daejin S&T uses 100% rPET to produce vintage canvas fabric.

Next, we can find the meaning of eco-friendly in the processing of vintage canvas fabric.

All processing to enhance the functionality of Vintage Canvas is based on water-based method.

For example, in order to create a vintage effect on canvas fabric, the existing method uses paraffin or oil in general.

However, Daejin S&T company makes a vintage effect through water-based method.

2) Could you explain about C0 water repellent?

For water-repellency of fabrics, C8 or C6 water-repellent method is often used. But, both could carry the risk that the fabric may contain harmful substances to the human such as fluorine.

On the other hand, the fabric made through C0 water repellent method does not contain any toxic substances, so it is a very safe fabric for human.

Daejin S&T is got C0 water-repellent method in processing.

If you're making the products for babies or sensitive persons with vintage canvas fabric. That means you make the very safe product.

3) Could you explain what is the biggest features when comparing to normal canvas fabric.

First, we produce vintage canvas with eco-friendly raw material, rPET.

And that all processing processes are water-based,

Above all, Vintage Canvas is a safe fabric for humans because it is produced through non-fluorine water-repellent method.

4) What kind of products can vintage canvas be applied to?

There are so many products that vintage canvas can be used for.

First of all, it can often be applied to bags and shoes even to outdoor products. Moreover, when considering the thickness of the fabric, it will be highly useful for products that require thickness.

In addition, because of the various colors of vintage canvas, it can be said that the possibility of the product to be produced is very high.

In particular, it is highly likely to be applied in various ways when considering vegan fashion.

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