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Super grip fabric for gloves that grips well even when wet

Super grip fabric for gloves that grips well even when wet

It is a super-grip fabric that grips well with or without water.

This fabric is often used for sports, but I think if it can be used appropriately for industrial or military gloves in some cases.

It is a glove fabric that is very suitable for situations where you don't want to miss an item in a rough field, especially in rainy conditions.

It took a lot of work to make gloves properly than I thought.

Before making it better, I made it roughly for an experiment. Making it at home was not as easy as I thought.

In general, the sewing machine used for gloves is made to be able to sew slowly, but the sewing machine I have is for beginners who sew at high speed without adjusting the speed, so it is not suitable for making gloves.

So I made it by hand stitching stitch by stitch.

I just made it without a pattern. Nevertheless, it is enough to get my hand in.

Finally, I experiment.

It's an experiment where I put a glass bowl in water and just take it out.

I thought about how much force I should give it, but I just focused on grabbing it.

However, it works well.

Super Grip fabric has a slightly sticky feel.

However, when it is wet, the Super Grip fabric is not slippery at all.

If you make it into a sports glove, it seems to catch a ball or object perfectly even if it rains.

Super grip glove fabric provides a perfect performance.

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