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Super Grip fabric of DAEJIN S&T Co., Ltd.

최종 수정일: 2023년 5월 24일

Super Grip fabric of DAEJIN S&T Co., Ltd.

Super Grip fabric is a functional fabric developed for gloves by Daejin S&T.

When people say super grip, they mainly know it as a coated glove from a certain company.

However, the Super Grip fabric produced by Daejin S&T is fundamentally different.

To put it simply, most gloves are coated with silicone to improve grip.a

By the way, the glove fabric produced by Daejin S&T is produced by grafting Super Grip on various fabrics, and it is produced as one with the fabric from the beginning.

The recommended Supergrip fabric for hand gloves has a variety of characteristics.

1) Provides grip to hold the ball firmly regardless of sunny or rainy days.

2) It has a more reasonable price than conventional silicone resin applied products.

3) When wet, the feeling of grip is superior to conventional silicone resin applied products.

4) Various colors are expressed through digital printing instead of the previous transfer, printing, and gravure printing methods.

5) Implement a gradient effect.

6) It is possible to graft with various bases, R/P, and resins of synthetic leather.

7) It can even be grafted with various fabrics such as knit, woven, and mesh.

[Background of fabric production]

Supergrip fabric was originally produced for football gloves.

Among many sports, American football is the sport that continues even when it rains. We can see players missing the ball even if they wear gloves when playing in the rain. At this time, it is said that it was born with the idea of making a fabric that never misses the ball when it rains.

However, even though it started like that, the result of the Super Grip fabric is beyond expectations.

It can be used not only in sports such as the Super Ball, but also in industrial sites, and can be used without restrictions where slip prevention is required.

Super Grip fabric, which does not slip well even in sudden rain or a lot of water, will be very useful.

Above all, the Super Grip fabric is the only fabric in Korea.

And, if the fabric is adopted in the United States, the home of the Super Ball, it will be the only fabric in the world. Recently, Daejin S&T contacted an overseas company related to the Super Ball. And it is said that the product of Super Grip fabric is being tested.

It will take some time, but I hope that there will be good news for Daejin S&T.

I believe that an expert will clearly feel the difference from the existing product.

​If you have any questions or inquiries, please leave a message on the following contact information or website.

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