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Sustainable & Eco-friendly Vintage Canvas fabric

Vintage Canvas is sustainable and eco-friendly woven canvas fabric

made with the latest technology in South Korea.

From raw materials to all processing,

Vintage Canvas fabric matches the direction

that the world wants to pursue.

First of all,

Vintage Canvas is

a sustainable fabric made from recycled rPET

of waste plastic bottles.

rPET do not destroy the environment and

do not deplete resources.

It's sustainable.

By processing canvas fabric with an eco-friendly method,

it was born as Vintage Canvas fabric

with excellent water repellent and

excellent vintage effect(wrinkle, scratch).

Due to C0(C zero) water repellent treatment

instead of C8 or C6,

Vintage Canvas is non-toxic fabric.

So, It's so safe for human.

Bags, shoes, sofas, tents, aprons, pouches, even clothes, etc...

Vintage Canvas fabric can contain the right concept of sustainability and

eco-friendliness to everything

that can be made with general canvas fabric,

so, its added value is very great.

Made with Korean technology,

Sustainable and eco-friendly Vintage Canvas fabric is


not an option.

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