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The world's only sustainable eco-friendly fabric with a vintage effect

The "Vintage Canvas" fabric produced by Daejin S&T is a sustainable fabric made from recycled polyester. Most of all, it's unique in the world in that it's a sustainable, eco-friendly fabric with a vintage effect.

- Sustainable fabric

- Vintage effect realized by an eco-friendly method

- Excellent water repellency and non-toxic by applying C0 (C - zero) water repellent treatment

The reason why it can be said that it is unique in the world is that it meets all three requirements mentioned above.

It is a sustainable fabric because it is made using rPET.

And for the vintage effect, an eco-friendly water-based method was applied.

It is the safest fabric without toxicity by applying C0 water repellent treatment to have excellent water repellency.

It is a fabric that combines water repellency and non-toxicity.

About eco-friendly methods

Various processing treatments are applied to the fabric to increase water repellency.

In general, C8, and C6 water repellency treatment is applied to increase the water repellency of the fabric, but there has always been a disadvantage that it can adversely affect mankind as the fabric contains toxic substances such as fluorine.

The processing method that enhances the water repellency treatment applied by Daejin S&T is C0 (C-Zero) water repellent treatment.

However, this water-repellent treatment is water-based.

And unlike the existing oil-based ones, it is very eco-friendly in that there is little pollution. In addition, the vintage effect also undergoes water-based processing, and as it is treated with water-based rather than oil-based, the degree of contamination is low, and at the same time, it is a very safe processing method for fabricators and safe for humans.

Another great advantage is that it does not have any toxicity to the fabric produced through C0 water repellent treatment, so it is very safe for humans. Fluorine-free

There is no fluoride detection at all. This means that it is very safe for humans.

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