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Various fabrics made from recycled polyester

Various fabrics made from recycled polyester

Several companies are making new fabrics using recycled polyester, but the company to be introduced today is the products of Daejin S&T.

The final fabric produced by Daejin S&T is very differentiated in terms of functionality.

Of course, the fabric I am introducing now is made from 100% recycled polyester. If the owner wants to adjust the content of recycled polyester according to the request, the mixing ratio may be slightly different.

Detailed descriptions of each product can be found on the following sites.

The characteristics of the fabrics produced by Daejin S&T are expressed as follows.

• Vintage Canvas: Canvas fabric made with a sustainable eco-friendly method that is non-toxic and has a safe and vintage effect.

• Vintage Microsuede: Vintage-style suede fabric like real leather made from recycled polyester, a sustainable fabric.

• Eco Bounce: Recycled non-woven fabric with the strongest elasticity and restoring power

• JUNOPI: Korean paper canvas fabric grafted with natural Korean paper to sustainable fabric

Representative fabric with unique and differentiated functions, Super Grip

In addition, we are producing fabrics with various functions.

Super Grip is a fabric that has recently been receiving attention from leading companies. As a fabric used for golf and baseball gloves, etc., it boasts a perfect grip even in rainy conditions, and has very appropriate functionality for sports gloves and industrial gloves.

Information on Super Grip fabric can be found at the following site.

Daejin S&T, a fabric production company with recycling and functionality

It contains very important value in that it uses recycled polyester,

Daejin S&T has expanded its usability so that it can be applied to various products by adding unique functionality to recycled polyester fabric.

As such, recycling and functionality are considered to be the most important factors in sustainability.

Please check the products directly on the website of Daejin S&T, a company that produces sustainable eco-friendly fabrics with various functions.

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