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Vintage Canvas in the heavy rain

My DIY bag made of Vintage Canvas fabric was still strong in the heavy rain.

It rains a lot because of the monsoon season in South Korea.

The rain stopped for a while, and I was going to the mart to buy food, but it started to rain again. I was a little embarrassed.

I had my DIY bag made of vintage canvas fabric at that moment. So I took a video with my curiosity about the water repellency of my bag.

Vintage canvas is a woven canvas fabric with excellent water repellency.

As my DIY bag had been washed once, I thought that the water repellency had decreased much. However, as you can see in the video, the water repellency is still excellent.

Perhaps the water repellency will decreases as I wash my bag repeatedly, but until now the water repellency function of the vintage canvas fabric was still good.

In order to increase the water repellency of the vintage canvas fabric, Daejin S&T processes it with the C0 water repellent method which is very well known as an eco-friendly method.

And C0 water repellent is a Korean patented technology developed directly by Daejin S&T company.

Vintage canvas is a non-toxic fabric that is safe for people and nature.

And it is an eco-friendly fabric that cares about the environment.

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