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Vintage style vegan leather, vegan suede - Vintage Micro Suede

Vintage style vegan leather, vegan suede

vintage micro suede

This is a swatch made of vintage micro suede fabric currently being produced by Daejin S&T Co., Ltd.

A total of 4 vintage micro suede fabrics are introduced through Swatch. Various colors can be produced according to the demand of the consumer.

​First of all, you need to remember that the fabric is vegan leather and that it is a sustainable, eco-friendly, and non-toxic fabric.

In addition, Daejin S&T can increase the water repellency of vintage micro suede fabrics as needed.

Among the samples introduced in this photo, the light khaki color is a water-repellent fabric.

The fabric colors introduced by Swatch are dark brown, brown, black, and light khaki.

Previously, I mainly introduced the navy color.

This time, I tried to prepare a little more variety of colors. This fabric is currently being sold in the smart store.

[Vintage Micro Suede Features]

Sustainable and eco-friendly fabric:

Vintage micro suede fabric is made of rPET, so it is called a sustainable eco-friendly fabric, vegan leather.

Two-tone vintage effect and various color fabrics:

You can pursue a trendy style with two-tone color that provides a vintage style. And it can be produced in various colors of fabric.

Non-toxic fabric:

It is non-toxic by using an eco-friendly method in processing. In particular, it does not have a trace amount of toxicity because C0 water-repellent treatment is performed during water-repellent treatment.

More durable than leather:

Vintage Micro Suede provides the feel of real leather and is more durable than leather.

Excellent washing fastness:

It is very good because the color does not fade or fade even after washing. According to experts, it has a very high washing fastness.

Value as vegan leather:

As it is vegan leather, it has a very big meaning in animal protection. The actual amount of leather produced annually is said to be 23 billion square feet. Vintage Micro Suede such as Vegan leather that can replace them is very meaningful when considering the future.​

Possibility of vintage micro suede fabric:

As it has value as vegan leather, it can be developed in a variety of ways, from bags to shoes, sofas, and fashion accessories.

Above all, it is a fabric with a high possibility of collaboration with various companies.

It can be used as a luxurious bag and packaging material, And also It can be applied to chairs, sofas, and most products that can be used in everyday life.

In particular, the reason for the high possibility of collaboration is because the vintage micro suede fabric was produced with an eco-friendly method and is a sustainable fabric.

Vintage Micro Suede is ~~~~

Vegan leather that prevents resource depletion

Non-toxic and safe vegan leather

Vegan leather stronger than leather

Vegan leather that protects animals

Vintage Micro Suede Dark Brown, Brown, Black, and Light Khaki

This is a close-up photo to show the details of the fabric.

This two-tone effect provides a natural vintage effect and a truly leathery feel.

If you want to purchase vintage micro suede fabric, you can inquire through the Daejin S&T company website.

You can inquire at CONTACT on the above website.

And if you want to contact us directly by phone or e-mail, please check the information below.


(messi park (assistant manager)/overseas sales team)

•Tel: +82-55-343-1192

•Fax: +82-55-343-9367

Other fabrics produced by Daejin S&T, including Vintage Micro Suede, can be checked more simply at the following site.

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