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Why Daejin S&T is an ESG management practice company

Daejin S&T

The only company in Gyeongsangnam-do, (South Korea) that produces sustainable, eco-friendly fabrics

ESG management practice company

Excluding Daejin S&T, there are many companies that produce fabric.

However, indeed, there are not many companies that produce “sustainable fabrics” and “eco-friendly fabrics.”

The reasons why Daejin S&T company is attracting attention are as follows.;

  • Sustainable fabric production

  • Eco-friendly fabric production

  • Non-toxic fabric production

  • Production of various functional fabrics

  • And, ceaseless technological research efforts

Innovation of C0 water repellent treatment

Daejin S&T Corporation's representative technology, the 'water-based impregnation method', is a domestically patented technology, and its biggest advantage is that, unlike existing methods, it is a very safe method for workers as it is processed in water.

Typically, many manufacturers melt polyurethane material and coat it on fabric for water-repellent treatment. Many manufacturers use solvents as organic solvents that can dissolve polyurethane, and in the past, manufacturers used DMF, which is now classified as a toxic substance. Solvents are also used when dry cleaning at a laundromat, and you may remember the smell of petroleum in the washed clothes after dry cleaning. Since these solvents are oil-based, they are highly volatile, so there is a high possibility that they will leak into the air in the form of harmful gases during the processing process and may even release carcinogens. For this reason, processes using solvents can release toxic substances such as fluorine that are harmful to the human body, so public institutions such as city and provincial offices manage these substances with high standards.

Daejin S&T performs the water-repellent processing process using a water-repellent method without using oil-based organic solvents such as solvents.

Daejin S&T developed a method of coating fabric by dissolving synthetic leather such as polyurethane using distilled water. This process is the patented ‘C0 water repellent treatment’, a fluorine-free, water-based water repellent treatment technology.

Sustainable eco-friendliness is also guaranteed in the materials.

Existing companies used oil and paraffin to wax shoe materials for a vintage effect. Vintage fabrics made with oil and paraffin are weak to heat and have problems with adhesion after post-processing or poor water repellency. This also served as an opportunity to develop the ‘Vintage Canvas’ fabric.

Daejin S&T used rPET, an eco-friendly material, and used a water-based method to create a fabric with better performance without oil and paraffin. Recently, Daejin S&T mainly sold to Nike and provide enough fabric to produce about 4 million pairs a year.

The fact that the fabric was made from waste plastic bottles drew a positive response from business partners. In the industry, if the recycled fabric percentage exceeds 20%, it is considered a sustainable fabric. Daejin S&T has the technology to produce products with an increased recycled content ratio of up to 100%, but this may vary depending on the request of the ordering party.

ESG management practice

I have introduced two representative technologies.

In fact, in a broad sense, this is very closely related to ESG management practice.

First of all, it is helpful to the environment in that it reduces water pollution through the aqueous impregnation method and uses rPET. (Environmental)

In addition, the water-based impregnation processing method is positively beneficial to society in that it is a safe method for workers. (Social)

In this way, Daejin S&T is a company that practices ESG management.

And Daejin S&T is also active in governance.

To participate in the production of branded products controlled by VF, you must undergo and pass a VF facility compliance audit. VF facility compliance audits are more stringent because they not only address environmental issues but also provide standards for safety, labor, and welfare issues. Daejin S&T is a company that has passed the VF facility compliance audit. (Governance)

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