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Why Vintage Micro Suede? Vegan Leather for Sustainable Development Society

최종 수정일: 2023년 10월 18일

Why Vintage Micro Suede?

For Sustainable development society

Vintage Micro Suede is a vegan leather fabric of DAEJIN S&T Co., Ltd.

Vegan Leather offers a variety of benefits.

Above all, the fashion industry plays the most important role in making a sustainable development society.

The most important value is not killing animals.

Saving the animals

One more thing here, it has greater value.

The point is that we don't kill animals.

To obtain leather, Various animals would be killed.

Even when we think about the animals that die a lot for mass production, I can say that Vintage Micro Suede fabric is a very inspiring fashion fabric.

According to a study related to Global Leather Industry Report, annual global leather production is 23 billion ft2, of which 35% is used for finishing automobiles, clothing, and furniture.

However, this type of leather is being used more and more.

On the other hand, in order to protect the diversity of life required for sustainable development, the use of leather is being reduced globally. From this perspective, the fashion industry predicts that the use of vegan leather will gradually increase.

Unique feature

A variety of vegan leathers are produced in South Korea.

Moreover, the purpose of using the produced vegan leather is also different.

The vegan leather produced by Daejin S&T is mainly used for shoes, bags, sofas, outdoor products, and fashion accessories.

The unique feature of Vintage Micro Suede fabric is its two-tone color effect, which is a vintage effect. Colors of the same series are produced in different tones, providing a vintage style.

Another great feature is that it is extremely durable.

In addition, Vintage Micro Suede is eco-friendly, reducing water and air pollution by applying a water-based impregnation processing method.

Smart Store

Currently, Daejin S&T’s sustainable fabric, ‘Vintage Micro Suede’, is being sold at the Smart Store. If you would like to check the product, please refer to the site below.

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