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Eco bounce : Sustainable and eco-friendly non-woven fabric

Eco bounce : Sustainable and eco-friendly non-woven fabric with excellent restoring force and elasticity

  • Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Fabric

  • 100% recycled polyester non-woven fabric

  • Excellent restoring force and elasticity

  • Easy Manufacture Possibility

  • Water repellent treatment available

  • Thickness: 0.8 mm - It can be produced in various thicknesses depending on the manufacturing method.

A simple pouch was made with Eco Bounce, a new material newly introduced by Daejin S&T in Gimhae.

Sometimes my wife puts coffee and drinks in her bag.

However, she says she doesn't like that the tumbler rolls around in her bag. So, I made a pouch with Eco Bounce, a new material with high restoring force and elasticity.

At first, I doubted if it would be okay

Wow~~~ This is absolutely awesome.

After making the pouch, and looking at it, I thought that it would fit safely inside the bag thanks to its excellent restoring force and elasticity.

It is also water-repellent, so it is safe even if water flows inside.

Eco Bounce

It is a very attractive new material fabric.

Above all, it is a non-woven fabric made of 100% recycled polyester, so it is a sustainable fabric recognized around the world. It is a very eco-friendly fabric.

It seems that Daejin S&T is putting great effort into sustainable and eco-friendly fabrics.

First, I introduce eco-bounce fabric through images and videos.

Eco Bounce, a non-woven fabric made of 100% recycled polyester

When I touched Eco Bounce, it looked similar to the general non-woven fabric.

But, It is denser and more elastic than other normal non-woven fabrics, and it has definitely an excellent restoring force.

If you watch the video, I think you will understand.

How is it?

Does it spread well?

Echo Bounce has a characteristic that suits it quite well.

​Sustainable eco-friendly pouch made of eco-bounce

So I made a pouch with eco-bounce fabric that can hold a tumbler and put it in a bag.

I wanted to make it quickly, so I used adhesive to make it and sewed the part that could easily fall off to make it solid.

I made it as simple as possible and in a shape that can be easily carried out when going out such as a brown bag.

As you can see, the edges are treated with adhesive.

Eco-bounce fabric has the ease of being easily processed even with adhesive.

And the parts that can fall well were treated with a thick thread.

Although it looks a bit awkward, I thought it would be quite useful when carrying it in a bag.

Now, the most important thing... I'll show you how restoring force is.

You can check it out in the next video.

As you can see, the pouch will stand up again even if it is severely wrinkled.

How is it?

Doesn't it look appropriate to put it in a bag and use it?

And it can be carried easily by making a hole with the handle.

Originally, I was going to make an eco-bag and put eco-bounce non-woven fabric in it.

Instead, I made a simple pouch to check quickly.

Now I'm thinking of making a small bag for my daughter that can hold watercolors and more.

Because Eco Bounce fabric is strong, even if it is made in one layer, it does not tear easily.

Eco Bounce

The newly launched Eco Bounce seems to be a product that really deserves an award.

Because of its excellent restoring force and elasticity, it seems that it can be applied to various products such as shoes, bags, and even tents.

Perhaps more new ideas will arise in the eyes of experts.

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