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Why Eco Bounce? Excellent restoring force non-woven fabric

As the name suggests, Eco Bounce is a fabric with a bouncy feel.

Eco Bounce is a non-woven fabric produced by Daejin S&T Corporation.

It is a non-woven fabric with excellent restore force and elasticity, and most importantly, there has never been a non-woven fabric with these characteristics before.

However, if a non-woven fabric has restoring force, what features does it have?

I think it will be easier to understand if you see it with your own eyes.

Usually, non-woven fabrics feel like this, as seen in the video clip.

If you watch the video clip below, you can see the clear difference.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the Eco Bounce non-woven fabric.

We can design a variety of products using Eco bounce fabric, which has excellent restoring force and elasticity.

Shoe companies were the first to take an interest in Eco bounce fabric.

In the case of sneakers, the shape of the shoe becomes very wrinkled as you wear it. To maintain this loose appearance, Eco bounce fabric is used as an inner layer as a kind of reinforcing agent.

The following video clip compares actual shoes with and without non-woven fabric.

Excellent restoring force Non woven fabric, Eco Bounce

These are tracking shoes made by a certain brand company.

When comparing it, you can see that it holds its shape really well.

Excellent restoring force Non woven fabric, Eco Bounce

Plus, another advantage is that you don't have to add any wads of paper or shoe trees that can end up in waste on sale.

shoe trees

If you are a special designer among the designers reading this,

I think you probably noticed it.

It has lots of the potential to create a wider variety of products.

I made a small bag that holds its shape using Eco Bounce using vintage canvas fabric that wrinkles easily.

This bag was made for my daughter.

I believe that a truly professional designer could create a better product.

Eco Bounce non-woven fabric is like cardboard, it is so easy to draw designs on it. I glued vintage canvas red fabric here.

Based on this, I made a small pouch and bag that could fit a cell phone and small tissues.

[Bag spec]

Outer shell: Vintage Canvas

Inner: Eco Bounce

Handle: Vintage Micro Suede

Excellent restoring force Non woven fabric, Eco Bounce

Promotion Log : SmartPhone Bag in Art Gallery

Excellent restoring force Non woven fabric, Eco Bounce

Excellent restoring force Non woven fabric, Eco Bounce

Excellent restoring force Non woven fabric, Eco Bounce

Another importance of Eco bounce fabric: Made from recycled polyester.

Eco Bounce non-woven fabric with excellent restoring force and elasticity is made from recycled raw materials and eco-friendly water-based impregnation.

In other words, it is a sustainable & eco-friendly product. Such as Daejin S&T's other sustainable fabrics, Eco Bounce contains the value of the times. In addition, water and air pollution can be reduced through water-based impregnation processing, and the safety of workers and consumers is taken into consideration.

This fabric is currently on sale at Smart Store.

If you have a project in mind and need a reinforcing fabric such as an inner layer, this is a fabric you should definitely consider.

You can check the eco-friendly foundation sold at the smart store through the address below.

Excellent restoring force Non woven fabric, Eco Bounce

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