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rPET, Canvas fabric made from recycled polyester, Vintage Canvas

rPET, canvas fabric made from recycled polyester, vintage canvas

We would like to introduce the fabrics of Daejin S&T, one by one, to be introduced at the Korea Textile Trade Fair in August.

The second fabric is Vintage Canvas fabric.

Vintage Canvas fabric

The vintage canvas fabric produced by Daejin S&T is a sustainable fabric.

In addition, it is an eco-friendly fabric that is safe for both workers and users by using the water-based impregnation method, an eco-friendly method.

Above all, it provides natural creases and scratches for a vintage look.

And also, it is a fabric with excellent water repellency, and because of the domestic patented C0 water-repellent treatment, it has no toxicity.

As you can see in the picture below, you can see the water repellency.

And We would like to say that we produce vintage canvas fabrics in various colors, and the vintage effect of the fabric is very obvious.

The vintage effect is certain, as in the images below.

Differences from other vintage-style canvas fabrics

The biggest difference is that no paraffin or oil is used.

That's why even if you apply heat, paraffin or oil doesn't get buried, so it's a more progressive canvas fabric.

In addition, it does not have toxicity with C0 water repellent treatment.

The image below was published in the Bridge Economics newspaper a few months ago, and shows strong heat resistance and water repellency in the field.

The Excellency of products through certifications

Most of the fabrics produced by Daejin S&T are made through various certifications.

Daejin S&T has the certifications related of environment and management, and we have recently acquired RCS blended certification, representing the excellence of our products.

Possibilities of Vintage Canvas fabric

Vintage Canvas fabric can be applied to a variety of products from shoes to bags, and even fashion accessories.

It is a very suitable fabric for products including a vintage style.

Also, it has the characteristics of canvas fabric, so durability is also excellent.

As you can see in the images below, it has the potential to be developed as a vintage-style product.

Vintage Canvas fabric is a sustainable and eco-friendly fabric that has excellent water repellency and has a natural vintage style.

Moreover, it is a very safe fabric for people because it does not contain toxic substances in processing of water repellent treatment.

If you have any questions, please send your message.

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Daejin S&T is a company that produces sustainable eco-friendly products in line with sustainable development.

In addition to vintage canvas fabrics, you can find vintage micro suede and various vegan leathers at Daejin S&T.

Daejin S&T official website

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