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Vegan Leather: Vintage Micro Suede and Microfiber Vegan Leather

There are two types of leather-like vegan leather produced by Daejin S&T, Vintage Micro Suede and Microfiber Vegan Leather. Vintage micro suede fabric, which is a type of suede, is a fabric that really feels like leather suede. Microfiber vegan leather feels like thick leather.

Both fabrics are made from recycled polyester, and the processing applied in the process of increasing the functionality of the fabric is treated with an eco-friendly method.

Vintage Micro Suede

Vintage micro suede fabric is characterized by providing a vintage style with a two-tone color effect. This makes it feel more like leather because it gives it the feel of real leather in terms of aesthetics.

In fact, in terms of durability, Vintage Micro Suede is better than real leather, and above all, it has a great meaning in that it can kill fewer animals.

A wide variety of products can be produced with Vintage Micro Suede fabric.

You can make products such as shoes, sofas and bags.

The samples below are the bags I made and used myself. Pretty useful. It is also very durable and can be used for a long time.

Microfiber Vegan Leather

And Microfiber Vegan Leather gives it a really thick leather feel and shows the feel of dyed leather after tanning.

This fabric is very suitable for making thick products. Depending on the purpose of the product, it will be possible to complete various products.

Microfiber vegan leather can be used in a wide variety of products.

As you can see below, you can make bags and pencil cases.

It is a fabric that can be made enough for shoes if necessary.

Vintage Micro Suede and Microfiber Vegan Leather are durable and sustainable eco-friendly fabrics.

Also, in terms of vegan leather, it has a great meaning in terms of protecting animals.

The meaning of vegan leather is very important when considering the future of the fashion industry.


If you would like to know more about our products, please contact us through our website. We will respond kindly.

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