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Vintage Micro Suede The world's only vintage style vegan leather

Vintage Micro Suede

The world's only vintage style vegan leather

Vintage Micro Suede fabric is a sustainable fabric made of rPET, and it is also an eco-friendly fabric by applying an eco-friendly processing method.

As one of the vegan leathers, the natural vintage style expressed in two-tone color is the key.

It has the same touch feeling and durability as real leather, so it is a very useful fabric.

Vintage Micro Suede two-tone color and water repellency

The two-tone color created by Daejin S&T's special method provides a vintage style on fashion.

It provides the feel of old leather, making it a very suitable fabric for consumers who prefer vintage style.

And the water repellency is also excellent.

Daejin S&T's C0 water-repellent treatment provides excellent water-repellent power.

Of course, Because of the C0 water repellent treatment, it does not have any toxicity, so it is a very safe fabric for people.

Let's protect animals and the environment.

Vintage Micro Suede Vegan Leather plays a big role in reducing actual leather usage.

The world's leather production is equivalent to 23 billion square feet per year, of which 65% goes to the shoemaking industry.

That means 23 billion square feet of animals dying.

In the realization of a society of sustainable development, preserving biodiversity is not an option, but a necessity, and we must uphold the importance of living things. If you look at this side, vegan leather will be the wisest way to protect animals dying.

Vintage Micro Suede fabric can be seen as playing a very important role in achieving such a future-oriented and sustainable development society.

Product potential of Vintage Micro Suede

The fabric can be produced in a variety of products.

As you can see in the pictures, it can be applied to any product, from shoes to sofas to bags, as needed.

In particular, because of the vintage effect of the two-tone color, it is the best fabric for vintage-style products.

The following shoes are samples of shoes made by Daejin S&T.

Made from Vintage Micro Suede fabric, it resembles a leather shoe.

Samples made by DIY

In some cases, individuals have made DIYs to research about various uses.

I've made it from small bags to aprons and even clothes.

In addition, I tried to make more diverse products by grafting it with other fabrics.

The bags below are made by grafting vintage canvas fabric and vintage micro suede fabric.

Daejin S&T's vintage micro suede is a vegan leather fabric with great potential.

Its use is very high in that it can be grafted onto various fashion goods beyond bags and shoes.

Leather-like durability


Two-tone vintage style


Excellent water repellency


Non-toxic fabric

Perhaps the fabric with these characteristics among vegan leather would be the only one.

If you have any questions, please send a message in the inquiry site through the following button.

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