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The only one, Vintage Micro Suede

vintage micro suede

Among the artificial leather that was called synthetic leather, the suede fabric is sold in a wide variety of markets.

Recently, the importance of artificial leather is increasing from the point of view of Vegan.

Daejin S&T also produces various suede fabrics. And among many suede products, Daejin S&T produces the special suede that is unique and differentiated in the world.

That unique and differentiated suede is "Vintage Micro Suede".

The advantages of vintage micro suede fabric are as follows.

- It is a sustainable fabric made from recycled polyester.

- It is produced by an eco-friendly method and is classified as an eco-friendly fabric.

- It has a touch like natural leather.

- A two-tone color effect provides a vintage feel.

- It has excellent durability and fastness in washing.

- It is non-toxic and safe for humans.

- It is the perfect vegan suede fabric from an animal protection standpoint.

Only vegan suede in the world

The reason why it can be said that it is the only suede in the world is because of the vintage style obtained through the two-tone color effect that can be made through the method developed by Daejin S&T.

In particular, the vintage effect provides the feeling of real leather, unlike general synthetic leather which has a certain pattern.

At the same time, it is a fabric that has the advantages of sustainability, eco-friendliness, and non-toxicity that is safe for humans.

When making products from vegan leather like real leather products, the two-tone color effect makes it look more like real leather.

Why Vintage Micro Suede?

There are two main points of vintage micro suede fabric.

First, it is a vintage effect that shows a two-tone effect.

Because no other vegan leather in the world can create a vintage effect through the two-tone effect.

Until now, Daejin S&T's vintage micro suede fabric is the only one in the world.

Next, the reason vintage micro suede is important is that it is vegan leather.

The vintage micro suede fabric, which is vegan leather, is the greatest help in protecting animals that are slaughtered as leather goods. In fact, worldwide leather production is said to be 23 billion square feet per year. And the various processing steps involved in tanning to produce these quantities still play a role in polluting the environment.

The vintage micro suede fabric is produced using an eco-friendly method that does not destroy the environment while reflecting the leather-like feel.

So vintage micro suede fabric has many positive meanings.

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